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Stump Removal

If you have a stump getting in the way of a new landscaping project, Patton Tree Service can help you remove it entirely. We’re skilled, timely, and efficient and have many years of experience in stump removal. Our trained arborists can take care of all your tree problems with ease, and all for a more than affordable price.

Call us now at (613) 401-0715 to get started.

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Tree Care Experts in Kanata

Patton Tree Service: A Full-Range Stump Removal Company

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Whether you need us to remove one stump or several, we make sure to get the job done right, extracting everything from the roots up. Then, we’ll seal the deal by patching up the area so that you can start fresh. We take pride in our excellent service, and we’ll leave your site just as clean as we found it⁠—if not better.

Our comprehensive stump removal services include:

  • Tree and stump assessments
  • Stump grinding
  • Root grinding
  • Mulching
  • Land cleanups
  • And much more
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Quick Assessments on Affordable Stump Removal

Unattended tree stumps can pose a threat to other structures on your property. The roots of the leftover stumps can cause damage to your home beneath the ground. Avoid future problems entirely by getting rid of stumps from the get-go.

Schedule a quick assessment to get started. We guarantee quick response times, and we’ll be sure to recommend a plan that prioritizes the health of your lawn. Regardless of the situation, our experts will walk you through every step of the process, and we’ll provide tips and tricks on tree care as needed.

Removing stumps in your yard doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Trust the professionals at Patton Tree Service to provide you with a full assessment for your stump removal needs.

Customized Tree Stump Removal Services

Free up space on your property for a new project by taking advantage of our stump removal services customized to you. Don’t let the sharp edges of a leftover stump become a hazard in your yard. We eliminate the excess wood so that you can enjoy your outdoor space to its full potential.

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Using top-of-the-line equipment, we uproot the stumps and clean out the roots, chopping up the remnants into small pieces and using them as mulch.

Trust our arborists to nip your stump issues in the bud. We offer stump solutions made to measure, depending on the age and size of the tree. You can rest assured that we can remove stumps that are deep below ground level without causing excess damage to your yard. Once we’ve completed the job, you won’t be able to tell a tree was ever there.

Call the Area’s Leading Stump Removal Specialist Now

Are you tired of seeing those unwanted stumps on your land? Don’t wait to remove them. Patton Tree Service’s highly qualified arborists have you covered with prompt and professional stump removal. From the initial assessment to the final follow-up, we communicate with you to make sure you’re satisfied with the results.

Get in touch with us now at (613) 401-0715 to learn more about our stump removal services. We’re happy to help you schedule a consultation at the earliest convenience.

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