Tree Health Services in Kanata

For years now, Patton Tree Service has been developing the most effective treatment plans for the vast range of trees in Kanata. Our guiding philosophy of tree care ensures the conservation, preservation, and restoration of your valuable greenery.

Consider our certified arborists, your trees’ health care provider.

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Patton Tree Service’s Professional Tree Surgeon Services

We offer a range of affordable tree health care options, no matter the size of your landscape or your budget. Our plant health care services include:

  • Tree injections
  • Deep root fertilization
  • Risk assessments
  • Disease and insect treatments
  • Compost assessments
  • And much more

If you don’t see the service you need listed above, get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to put our expertise to use in order to address your trees’ issue.

Tree Health Consultations

Our professional arborists can assess your trees for any existing health issues, offering solutions to reduce risk and improve growth potential. We make sure to equip you with the information you need to make the right decisions for your landscape.

Signs of poor tree health include the following:

  • Foliage loss
  • Curling or drying leaves
  • Dying or dead branches
  • Cavities and chipping bark

Many diseases can affect your trees’ health. We do a thorough on-site analysis of your greenery to make sure you get the right diagnoses and treatment recommendations.

Full-Service Tree Health Care

At Patton Tree Service, our tree health care system includes an expert diagnosis by certified arborists. Our team of tree doctors can recommend work needed to restore your trees through professional shaping and pruning, regular spraying for pests and fungus, improving soil and sunlight conditions, and correcting drainage problems. We work with you closely to develop a program for maintenance, treatment, or removal that suits your needs and preferences.

Our Tree Protection Process

If a tree is under extreme stress, it can expend energy on trying to heal itself from severe damage or improper care. This leaves your greenery vulnerable and open to attack.

Our team of expert arborists takes steps to prevent increased risk exposure. We make sure your trees are getting enough sunlight, water, and maintenance so that they can defend themselves against infestation and harsh weather conditions.

Tree Heath Follow-Ups

Although our tree doctors can prolong the life of your tree, some circumstances require regular intervention from your local tree surgeon. That’s why our arborists are only ever one phone call away for any additional services you may need.

After setting up your greenery for success, we’ll follow up with you routinely to see how they’re adjusting and make changes as needed.

Call Kanata’s Tree Disease Specialists Now

If you need assistance taking care of diseased trees on your property or want to boost the overall health of your garden, Patton Tree Service has you covered. Our team of arborists is here to help you maintain your existing greenery and extend its lifespan.

Contact us now at (613) 401-0715 to speak with one of our certified tree doctors and find out more about our tree health service plans.